Help with - Zoom

With so many new ways to connect our church family online, we want to offer help with these new ways to help you get connected. Our hope is that you can get your technology all set up and get connected to groups, so we can gather online and continue growing together.



Zoom is a video conferencing tool. You can join a virtual meeting room with many other people, either by audio, video, or both. This tool allows us to come together for a Prayer Meeting, a Sunday School class or even Small Group. (You do NOT need an account to participate in a meeting, see below.)

Download the free Zoom app: 

  • on your computer from Zoom.   Download Zoom
  • on your mobile device, from Google Play or the App Store.

Create your free account, OPTIONAL.  Open up your app and create your free account.

Now you will be able to join a meeting on your computer or device. The leader of your group will set up the meeting and you will be able to participate by following their link or using their Meeting ID number.

NOTE:   if you DO NOT want to download the Zoom App, you can still connect to the meeting, with just your phone, by calling the phone number provided and entering the Meeting ID. You won't be able to see anyone (video) but you will be able to hear with audio. Check your class details for the phone number to call and the Meeting ID number to enter the meeting.



If you need any help, please call the church office at 513-489-1114 or email