Help with - Realm

Faith Bible Church has moved to a new kind of church record keeping solution called Realm. It primarily serves the administrative needs of our staff, but it also offers some exciting opportunities to support the way you are involved in our church. Not only will this improve work life for our ministry staff, it will make it easier for our Church Family to "Connect" with each other, keep up with what's going on, and grow as a connected community of believers. We encourage you to connect with us by downloading the mobile app and creating your account.

Let's Connect

Stay connected to our church wherever you go by downloading the free Realm "Connect" App for iPhone and Android devices. The App provides you many benefits, such as:

  • Access the FBC Family Directory right on your phone or computer
  • Update your own family's contact information
  • Receive the newsfeed of FBC events
  • Sign up for FBC events and have the ability to pay online


First - Create your Realm Account

Create your Realm Account so you can log in on your computer or mobile device. You should have received a Realm Invitation in your email. (check your Spam folder - or call the FBC Office if you did not receive your email invitation.) 

  1. Follow the instructions in the Realm Invitation you received through email. 
  2. Use your userid and password now to log in on your Mobile App or online.


Download the Mobile App - Realm Connect

Once you have a Realm account, you can download the app and sign into your account.

iPhone - download the "Connect - Our Church Community" app from iTunes.
Android - download the "Connect - Our Church Community" app from Google Play.


Or, Sign in on your Computer

Once you have a Realm Account, you can sign into Realm from your computer, here:

Realm Login


How to find the Family Directory

On the Mobile App:

There are two ways to find someone you are looking for: 

  • Use the Search Tool (magnifying glass) in the upper right corner. Noteonly "FBC Family" with a Realm account will be searchable here. As more people create their account in Realm, you will be able to find them with this Search Tool. 
  • Use the 3 dots in lower right corner. Go to Groups. Choose "FBC Family" group. Choose the group up at the top with over 500 participants. Here you will see an alphabetical list syle directory of all Family at FBC.


Update your Family's Profile

Everyone in our "FBC Family" gets a unique profile. Your profile contains everything you want people in our "FBC Family" to know about you. Your profile also enables you to join groups, RSVP to events, update your contact information, change family details, set notification preferences, or replace that outdated family photo.

How to find your profile?  Use the 3 dots in lower right corner. Choose "Profile". Here you should be able to change your information and even update your family photo.

By keeping your information current, you are helping our FBC Staff, group leaders, and our church family. When you do edit your Profile, you will also see 4 different Privacy Settings. Please see below, "How to Adjust Your Privacy Settings" to understand the details for Privacy Settings. Your Profile includes:

  • Contact information (name, address, email, phone)
  • Photo
  • Family Members
  • Personal Information


Privacy Notes

Your information is your information.

  • You have complete control over whether church family can see your contact and personal information.
  • Contact information is never public or searchable on the Internet. Any information you elect to make visible to your church family is always protected behind a login.
  • Authorized FBC staff will always have access to your profile information.
  • You and certain authorized FBC staff may update your profile information.
  • For safety reasons, sharing contact and personal information for children under 18 is limited. Parents determine whether or not to display their child's name in the church directory.


What FBC Church Family May See

  • Contact Information:     Name, Address, Phone, Email
  • Personal Information:    birthday  (your year and age will not be displayed)


Your Privacy Settings

In your profile, you will see your Contact Information is "Viewable by everyone in the church". This means it is viewable only by people in the "FBC Family". Only "Famliy" will have Realm accounts. Leaving your Privacy Setting set to "Anyone in the church" will allow only those in our church family to see your contact information. It is just like having your information in our printed directory, which is available to our church Family.

How to Adjust your Privacy Setting

You have permissions to adjust your privacy settings for your contact information. In your profile, you can choose to edit your email address, phone number(s), or address. When you edit one of those, you will see "WHO CAN SEE THIS?" You have 4 privacy setting choices:

  • Anyone in the church - Like a church directory listing, all FBC Family will be able to see your contact information that is set to visible to everyone.
  • People in my groups - At FBC, if you are "Family" you are in the "FBC Family" group. So, this category is similiar to the one above, all FBC Family will be able to see your contact information in this category.
  • Visible to group leaders - Group leaders may be pastors, Sunday School teachers, Small group leaders. If you set your privacy to this category, you want to keep this profile information hidden from anyone who is not a group leader or church staff.
  • Church staff only - This setting effectively removes you from the church directory. Your information will only be available to authorized church staff.

*For more details, please refer to Realm's Privacy Policy at:


"Giving" through Realm

Faith Bible Church is now using Realm for all online giving. You will continue to be able to give electronically by check or credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express). You may give as a Guest, or if you have a Realm Account, you may set up recurring gifts, view your giving history, and make changes at any time. Realm automatically records all electronic gifts and adds them to your giving record making it easy for you to track.

*Your Current Recurring Gift:  If you have set up a recurring gift in our previous system, we would ask that you go into your old account and cancel your current recurring gift. You will have the same ability to set up a recurring gift in Realm with your new Realm account. To end your recurring gift in our previous system, please log into your old account, by clicking here.


What if you do not want a Realm Account or the Mobile App?

No problem, even if you do not want a Realm account or the mobile app, you will still be included in the FBC Family Directory. If you would like to change any of your contact information, contact the FBC office.


If you need any help, please call the church office at 513-489-1114 or email