Freedom International Ministries


Freedom International Ministries is located in the Dominican Republic. Although their location is a different country, there is much we can do locally to be a part of this ministry and directly impact the lives of the missionaries, students, teachers and families. 

Freedom's ultimate desire is to see people glorify the Lord in all areas of life. We believe that long-term discipleship is the way that lives are changed. We want to use programs that will best reach our children and families with the life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the biggest advantages of our programming is that it opens doors and opportunities. We would consider it a huge success if someone headed for illiteracy became a doctor and used medicine to make God famous. In the same way, if a person who loved farming went back to work in the sugarcane fields for the glory of God, that, too, would be a great achievement. Specifically, we want to train people to glorify God in 3 areas: by walking in relationship with the Lord, developing wholesome relationships with others, and using their God-given uniqueness to live for Him.


Freedom Shipping Team

Right here in Cincinnati, we have a team of many volunteers, young and old. We come together once or twice a year to load a shipping container full of school furniture, books, supplies, and construction equipment and ship them overseas to the Freedom Christian School. We are now building a team of bus drivers for all the buses we are shipping down to the school! Many of our volunteers have even traveled to the school and have been able to see their impact on the ministry, first hand. 

Short-Term Mission Trip

Faith Bible Church has sent many teams down to the Freedom campus for a week or two at a time. Typically, there is a team that travels in January and another in the summer. As a member of one of these teams, you will have the opportunity to work with the students in the classrooms, teaching them to speak and write in English, or maybe tutor one of the older students in Math or listen to them read you a book in English. Or you may be a part of the construction team, where you may work right alongside the missionaries and maybe even some of the Dominican workers on the latest construction project. Depending on their schedule, you may be a part of VBS out in the bateys or even volunteer at the camp that is now on campus!

No matter where you volunteer, you will be a part of the ministry's vision - "Develop life-changing relationships with those most unlikely so that they become catalysts for change within the Dominican Republic."

Contact our church office if you would like more information!