Care Ministries

We love to encourage those in our church body through these various means, for things such as birthdays, new babies, illness, funerals, and other general needs and encouragements.


Meal Ministry
Meal Providers

New moms, hospitalizations, and illnesses are some of the opportunities for the privilege of serving our families with meals. Let us know if you would like to be on the list to serve your brothers and sisters in Christ with a meal. This ministry is led by the Women's Care Ministries, under the  Deacon Ministry.

Funeral Lunches

It is our privilege to offer a luncheon to our grieving families at their time of loss and sorrow. It's a small way to reach out and remind them they are loved and in our prayers.







Card Ministry

The Card Making & Sending Ministry is made up of many ladies, teens, and children that come together once or twice a year to make handmade cards. These cards are used throughout the year to write notes of love and prayer to others in our church family who are in a time of their life where their hearts need encouragement.  We send cards for birthdays, illness, and time of loss. This ministry is led by Women’s Care Ministries, under the Deacon Ministry.


Care Baskets Ministry

These baskets of love and blessing are put together for new moms, the homebound, or those needing encouragement.  This ministry is led by Women’s Care Ministries, under the Deacon Ministry.



Contact the Church Office, info@fbccincy.orgfor more information about one of these Ministries.