Adult Sunday School


Adult Sunday School provides opportunities for groups of adults to connect with the Lord through the study and application of His Word and to connect with each other in caring fellowship. Classes meet on Sunday mornings. Study topics vary throughout the year and are structured around the areas of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Skill.

Current Adult Sunday School class:
1st hour (9:00 AM): 
  • “Dispensational Eschatology” -  The FBC Teaching Traditions include terms like “dispensational”, “pre-millennial”, and “pre-tribulation”. This class explores definitions, explanations, and reasons for these being traditional teachings of FBC.

2nd hour (10:45 AM): 
  • Theology Program—Humanity & Sin

    We are studying the nature of humanity from a biblical perspective by examining the pre-fall and post-fall state of man as well as looking at the origin and nature of sin.

  We do offer an Adult Special Needs Sunday School class. Click here for more information.