Deacon Ministry

Deacons are entrusted with overseeing and nurturing the Care Ministries of Faith Bible Church, including administering the Benevolence Fund. They partner with the Elders in their shepherding role for FBC families and individuals, with a focus on care ministry. FBC is blessed with many Care Ministries today. Where care needs among the fellowship can be met through existing ministries (such as Meal Providers, Funeral Luncheons, and Care Baskets, which are under the auspices of Women’s Ministries), the Deacons nurture them and make appropriate referrals to them. Deacons then serve as a focal point for any unmet care needs.

The Office of Deacon was introduced to FBC in 2002. A Deacon is a man who meets the qualifications presented in 1 Timothy 3:8-13, participates in the fellowship of FBC, and affirms the Doctrinal Statement and the Covenant of Fellowship. If a Deacon is married, his wife must meet the qualifications in 1 Timothy 3:11 and partner with her husband in this ministry.

In 2021 our Deacons are:  Joey Ashbrook, Wes Braden, Roger Chang, Brooks Glett, Tony Jones, Kirk Kinzie, Tim Konstanty, Rich Miklautsch, Mike Pegram, Dale Schaefer, Tom Slater, Curt Weerheim, and Dave Winebrenner (Chairman).